Friday, October 31, 2014

Why I love lokta products?

My first encounter with lokta product was in my early teenage days, when I first laid my hands on a lokta greeting card. It was an Easter card from a friend, painted yellow on the cover with a pink and white egg drawn over it. Inside, it boasted the natural shade of the paper with a short note written by hands. It was love at first sight. It was unique, unlike Hallmark cards, in terms of touch, look and essence. It was rugged and had an ancient feel to it. It looked unconventionally stunning in all its bareness, without the glossy effects. And most of all, it left all the writing work to the giver, making each word original and heartfelt. The love story gained momentum with the discovery of other lokta products, namely the wrapping papers.

Honestly, I didn’t really like lokta wrapping paper at the first meeting. It was colorless and dull, just an original nude hue. But the better I got to know it, the more variants of it I saw. There were lokta wrapping papers in rich, bright colors of orange, blue, red, yellow and green, with various patterns printed in golden colors. It was always a delight to send someone a present, no matter how small, and wrap it in a beautiful lokta paper. Amidst the usual gifts wrapped in the shiny, glossy, plastic wraps, the simplicity and uniqueness of my lokta wrapped gift always stood out. When removed carefully, these papers could be reused again as gift wraps, especially because they didn’t tear apart by the slightest pull like the regular wraps do.

And when accidentally torn apart, there was always something or the other that could be done with it. My favorite amendment act to do with rip out lokta paper was to build a DIY cardboard photo frame. These cardboard frames could be easily built from cereal boxes. All I had to do was measure, cut and glue and cover it with the lokta papers to give it the final finesse. They would either go on my wall or become an emergency gift for someone.

Besides the wraps, lokta notebooks and scrapbooks have been my favorite lokta products ever. Last year, when my sister and I went on a trip, we decided that we would print out the pictures, rather than post them on Facebook. And while some of the pictures found a well-deserved space on the walls, others that were quirkier and funnier were slapped on my scrapbook. Since then, all my holiday indulges have found a proud space on the book, and every time I go through the pages, it feels like I am transported back in time, reliving those moments again.

And since, lokta papers are known for their longevity and germ-resistant quality, I am pretty much sure that this walk-down-the-memory-lane ritual will go on for a long time and will always feel the same. Now, I can’t say the same thing about Facebook or Instagram with the same amount of certainty. The papers and products are beautiful, simple, useful, durable and eco-friendly. Plus, it is lending towards employment opportunities in the Himalayas. Should I say any more about why I love lokta papers and products?

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