Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day, Every Day

The Earth is ours. Let's save it.

The great Cosmo-minds are combing the universe in search of a habitable planet. There are even plans to send a group of people to Mars as an experiment to see if they can survive there. But the truth is that we only have one living planet that can support any kind of life; at least Earth is the only planet we have so far, but it is dying. In fact, we are killing it.

Studies show that humans are using 30% more resources than the Earth can cover for every year, which is leading to massive amount of soil erosion, deforestation, and all sorts of pollution and extinction of species. In 2002, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) released a statement based on a study which said that by 2050 humans will have exhausted all the resources of the planet, leading to completely kill it. Will that really be our future and the future of our children? Is that what we want? Of course not! Then it is time to put words into action and save the planet. This Earth Day, 22 April, let’s take tangible actions to heal our planet.

As an eco-friendly and responsible lokta paper manufacturer Monk Paper gives you three everyday activities that you can do to reduce negative impact on the planet. Stick to it and we might as well be able to save Earth.

1. Clean Commute: Transportation is today’s biggest carbon emission source. If we chose to transport smartly for the environment, we can immensely reduce our individual carbon footprint. And if everyone realizes this responsibility, imagine by how much the carbon emission can be minimized. All you have to do is make a smart, selfless choice, such as opting for public transport such as public bus or metro, cycling to work, car-pooling with friends or investing in electric vehicles. Other ways of clean commute is to keep your vehicles clean. By properly inflating your tires, regularly servicing your vehicle and not leaving them on standby during traffic jams or while waiting can make a ton of difference.

2. Avoid Plastic: This is not easy to do, but not impossible. With almost everything in the stores packed in shiny plastic bags and basically plastic being the most convenient and easy bag to throw in all your grocery shopping items, avoiding plastic won’t be smooth sailing. But with a little bit of preparation and genuine trying, it is very much possible. Carry a jute, cloth or paper bag whenever you are out for grocery shopping. Stop using bottled water today! Make the habit of carrying a water bottle and fill it wherever fit. Small efforts like this on a daily basis can dramatically turn around climate change and cases of soil erosion.

3. Minimize on Energy Use: We are so comfortable with whatever is convenient for us that we forget the harm it is doing to others. So the next time you leave the house with the AC on to return to a cool room, turn it off. The same with all the electrical appliances. Use LED bulbs, switch off the lights in rooms you are not using, don’t use heaters unless the cold is unbearable and the likes. Save energy, save Earth.

Finally, something that is so simple and effortless is to remember to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. Something as simple as reusing materials such as clothing, bottles, cans, water and papers and recycling them into something usable again can make a big difference in the ecological condition of today. Use natural products that are eco-friendly, such as lokta paper. Monk Paper offers a plethora of paper products that have been produced in an eco-friendly manner. In fact, no trees are cut to make the paper. Raw materials needed to make lokta paper come from a bush and it only needs to be pruned, not chopped off. Clothing made from hem and jute or other natural materials are also a great start at saving earth.

The planet is our home. And it is our responsibility to keep it clean, healthy and alive. And not only on Earth Day, but every single day.

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