Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fascinating Gifts From Monk Paper

Summertime comes along with multiple occasions. The special events like Father’s Day, wedding ceremony and mainly graduations of your loved ones start knocking at your door. This year Monk Paper is glad to present variety of Monk Paper Stationery gifts which are ideal for every occasion. Plus if you want to spice them up then add a special pen that matches perfectly with these stationery sets.

1. The Monk Paper Veg Dyed Fern Leaf Fuschia Travel Journal is an ideal gift for every occasion. The elegant look of this journal has been able to fascinate its audiences at first glimpse of sight. Plus if you want to add a bit of crisp into this set feature a Monteverde One-Touch Stylus Ballpoint Pink, One-Touch Pink Ballpoint or the One-Touch Skin Ballpoint Wild.

2. If you are searching for an ideal gift for grads who merely stepped out of their High-School days then the Lokta Hemp Fiber Stationery Box Set will  be perfect. This fascinating set matches perfectly with Metropolitan Museum of Art Ball Point Pen which is inspired from Louis Comfort Tiffany’s Magnolias and Irises leaded-glass window.

3. The Monk Paper Tangerine Quotation Journal is ideal for people who tend to keep the notes of their every single activity. If you want to add a pen with this set then the Limited Edition Copper Orange Fountain Pen, Rollerball or Ballpoint pens will be the perfect choice.

4. If you are in search for a stationary set perfect for every occasion then the Monk Paper Veg Dyed Fern Leaf Teal Boxed Lokta Notelet Set with either the Metropolitan Museum of Art Van Gogh Irises Ballpoint or the Louis Comfort Tiffany Peacock Feather Favrile glass vase will be the right choice for you.

5. A special occasion is closing in and you don't have an idea for a proper gift, then the Monk Paper Marigold Petal Stationery Set will be the best choice.  And if you want to spice it up just add Metropolitan Museum of Art Lotus Sutra Ballpoint which fits perfectly with the set.

6. Searching for an ideal present for a jolly person, then the bright and colorful Monk paper Batik Multicolor Patchwork Stationery Box Set will make a fascinating gift. This box set can be gifted with array of Kaweco Sport ballpoints and pencils to give it a more vibrant look. These varieties of colors are sure to provide the user an immense joy while writing.

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