Friday, August 7, 2015

World Indigenous People’s Day

Every year on 9th of August World Indigenous Peoples’ Day is celebrated throughout the world to commemorate the Indigenous People residing in different parts of globe. Indigenous people represent five percent of the world’s total population. So, in order to acknowledge their importance celebration takes place all across the world to promote and ensure their human rights and address their basic needs. For centuries they have placed in the pit of injustice which conclusively acted as a barrier that hindered their steps toward the modernization. Indigenous communities are possibly the most backwarded group of people in the world grasped by illiteracy and poverty.

On, behalf of the occasion every United Nation conducts certain activities to inspire the development of Indigenous people. This year they are focusing primarily on health service. Health has always been a major issue for various Indigenous communities and its promotion is the first thing that has to be done in order to uplift their lifestyle.

Therefore, this day plays an important role to provide visibility to the Indigenous people and their problems. Be a part of this event and let everyone know that there are people who need our help to rise above the abyss of injustice.

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